Verizon Motorola RAZR V3c available online Dec 7


I just received an email from Verizon informing me the RAZR V3c will be available online December 7th and in Verizon stores on the 12th. The RAZR is well known as one of the thinnest of phones and tis V3c packs EVDO into the small package, along with a 1.3 MP camera. Verizon is hoping to kick-start their VCAST streaming video service with sales of the high-speed RAZR. The Verizon press release was very careful in the wording about the RAZR V3c’s Bluetooth capabilites:

Bluetooth – Capable: Supports the Headset and Hands-free Profiles. Does not support Bluetooth OBEX Profiles.

Some things never change.



IS it possible to link this Razr phone to a bluetooth enabled notebook and surf the internet using Verizon’s EVDO network?


How do you transfer mp3’s from your Dell Axim to your Razr. I’ve gotten it to work in the opposite direction, but I want to send a ringtone to my razr and haven’t been able to so far.

Jean Cyr

Verizon RAZR V3C is a big disappointment!

Got two of these for my wife and me recently and am very disappointed with the product. The phone’s physical appearance is very slick but Verizon has destroyed the functionality by substituting its own customized software for Motorola’s. They’ve completely messed up the menu navigation making everything hard to find and many clicks away. They’ve crippled Bluetooth for PC synchronization purposes. The phone cannot even be set to ring and vibrate!!! You’re limited to one or the other.

Although I love the way my friend’s standard Motorola RAZRs work, I would not recommend Verizon’s version because of what they have done to the software.


I got my Razor v3c directly from Verizon Dec.15. However, I can’t seem to used OBEX. My Dell x51v reconized it, but I can’t transfer anything what’s so ever. Anyone knows how to make the phone fully OBEX, whatever it takes, will be greatly appricated. Thanks


I got my V3c on Monday (12/12/05) and OBEX is most definitely ENABLED. I am able to transfer pictures and ringtones to/from my Dell Axim PDA via Bluetooth.


I just got my v3c, the obex profiles are enabled. Maybe it was an accident, I don’t know, but I can transfer MP3’s and pics from my phone to my laptop via Bluetooth and of course use it as a Dial Up Networking gateway and Handsfree Gateway so as far as I can tell there aren’t any restrictions.


I know I will be preaching to the chior here, but if I were a member of the Bluetooth SIG or whatever industry group that let’s people use the Bluetooth logo I would PUSH to NOT ALLOW use of the logo if it does not support OBEX. OBEX protocols should work well.

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