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@ Media Week: Levinsohn: Social Portal; UK, China; “Family Guy” Originals Online; More

fox1.gifWork in progress: It’s SRO at the Grand Hyatt where analysts and investors are trying to gauge the actual potential of Rupert Murdoch’s $1 billion-plus internet. Last year, Fox Interactive Media wasn’t close to existing; now, FIM president Ross Levinsohn is representing the company and tossing out one announcement after the other.

— IGN’s Direct2Drive will get select Fox films for distribution in 2006. IGN also is negotiating with game companies to provide same-day digital downloads of new games.

— is already available around globally but its formal localized expansion efforts will start in 1Q06 in the UL followed by China in the second quarter.

— Starting in 2006, Fox will produce original episodes of Fox animated hit “The Family Guy” for the internet with distribution via, IGN’s Direct2Drive and other Fox sites.

— FIM has a five-year deal to operate the American Idol site and exclusive online rights to Simon Cowell.

— Portal Strategy: Don’t look for a traditional linear portal. Instead, FIM will focus on “social portals” – “Why have one portal when we can have 70 million?” (More on that later.)

AP: Reporting from the same conference: Levinsohn said it was still unclear whether Murdoch’s media conglomerate would acquire an search provider or form a partnership with one. He said the company was hearing proposals from several parties, including Quigo.

Hollywood Reporter: Revenues at Fox Interactive Media is in for a big jump from $47 million last year to $300 million-plus in the current fiscal year ending June 30, Levinsohn said.

() The audio of his preentation is here. (53 mins; 9 MB)