@ Media Week: Bronfman: Digital Should Be 20 Percent Of Industry Revenue By 2008


So far, digital reveneues are incremental, Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. told anlaysts and investors at UBSm, but by 2008 it should be 20 percent of the industry’s revenues. For Bronfman, this is “the beginning of attempting to define the new consumer experience.”

That experience includes avoiding debacles — my word, not his — like Sony BMG’s most recent copy-protection effort. Bronfman emphasizes DRM — digital rights management — over copy-protection of CDs. “DRM is a system for managing digital rights; what Sony employed is a form of copy-protection for CDs.” The latter doesn’t appeal to him at all. “The most important way is not from stopping people from doing what they want to do but empowering them to do what they want to do.”

— Bronfman continues to lobby for variable pricing. No word, though, on talks with Apple. “The terms of our agreement, including when it ends, are all confidential.”

— He said the company is seeing “tremendous growth” in voice ringers. He also expects video “to become an increasingly important part over time.”

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