Logitech MX1000


A couple of months back I made my plea for a mouse recommendation. There was a fantastic response from everyone and quite a few people recommended the Logitech MX1000. So I figured I’d give it a try. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Whatever mouse I was going to get needed to be cordless, trackball-less, have a scrollwheel of some sort, and atleast 3-4 buttons. I wasn’t about to touch the problem infested Might Mouse which is lame anyways because it’s not wireless. So ultimately I decided to go for the MX1000.

The MX1000 is a “laser” mouse…not “optical”…don’t get them mixed up. The laser in the MX1000 has much more precision than an optical due to how focused and direct the laser is over just the light put out by an optical mouse. Precision is always a plus.

The battery life on it is also fantastic. 10 minutes of charging will give you enough juice to use it an entire day and around 4 hours of charging will give you enough power to last for about 2 weeks of moderate use. For someone who uses around 6-8 hours per day it will usually last around 5-6 days before needing a recharge…not to bad.

My main complaint:
The “dock”. It’d be great if the mouse was completely wireless in that there was nothing that needed to be plugged into your computer. Unfortunately the MX1000 has a docking base not only for charging the mouse but to act as the antenna for the wireless signal. This ultimately ads 2 additional cables (USB, power) to the mix…though none actually take up any of my desk space.

Overall I’ve gotta give this mouse an 8 1/2 out of 10.


Travis Bell


For any of you experiencing problems weird glitchy “jumpy” movement problems, ever since upgrading to Leopard I haven’t noticed the behavior even once.

Give that a go if it’s a problem for you.


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I think the MX100 is the best! I got mine from http://www.just4deal.com. Ever since I received my MX 1000 I’have been in mouse heaven. Prior to owning this mouse I owned a Microsoft Wireless mouse and experienced many issues. I am very glad that I made the decision to change.


RE: Steve

Which mouse are you talking about doesn’t need to be plugged in to use? I was thinking of getting either that MX5000 set just to get the BT MX1000, or should i just go for the RF MX1000? I agree that I don’t want to have to have that dock plugged into my MBP, it is afterall a laptop that i’m trying to get even more wireless with a new wireless mouse.



Currently testing the MX1000 with Logitech software installed on my MacBook Pro. No problems at all (RF, not BT). I recently purchased a Mighty Mouse and had to send it back because it was jumping all over the screen. I hope a new one will fix the problem, or else i have to buy another MX1000. (Tired of swapping the mouse between my Mac and PC..)

Mark Thornton

Buy the way . . . I bought one a couple days ago. I got one at Amazon – $30 discount for getting a credit card, $20 rebate, and regular discount. That bring my price to under $14! I feel illegal!

Mark Thornton

Thanks guys,

I had a Macally cordless keyboard and 2 button/scroll mouse. It’s real hard to get by with the plain wireless mouse Apple provides. What is up with THAT??


Actually you don’t need to plug the power cord in during normal usage, only to recharge the mouse.

I also highly recommend MX1000 users to purchase USB Overdrive, which plays great with the mouse and is much more reliable and customizable (per-application button assignments; horizontal scrolling etc) than Logitech’s terrible drivers.

How did I ever live with a one-button mouse for so many years? ;-)


This mouse works great on my G5 iMac. The only thing i dislike is the power cord. I thought the USB cord would be enough but aparently the base needs to be plugged into the wall.

After purchasing the mouse grabbed the most recent logitech software and installed it with no issues. People who use only wired mouses have noticed the response on this mouse to be almost flawless.

With heavy use i charge it once a week while sleeping.

9.5/10 for me just because of the power cord.

Avi Flax

Mark, the MX1000 – like virtually all mice – will work with any recent Mac without any special software. Just plug and play. Logitech’s software is supposedly good for managing the “special” settings of their advanced mice, but personally I prefer to not install the extra crap, and just use OS X’s built-in preferences.

The OS X Dashboard & Exposé preference pane can detect the extra buttons on your mouse and assign them to various useful functions. I believe some of them also have default mappings in web browsers for back and forward.

Of course, if you do want Logitech’s software, you can always download and install it when it’s released. I’m just pointing out that there’s no reason to wait to buy a new mouse.

Mark Thornton

I’m looking at a MX1000. I don’t think they are ready for my intel iMac. I saw on the site something about they would have the software ready soon. Can anyone help me – PLEASE?

Avi Flax

Jean-Marc, I just followed the standard procedure, and it worked for me. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any ideas on how to troubleshoot the problem. Try searching over at macosxhints.com. Good luck!


Re. Avi’s comments
I’ve got a Bluetooth MX1000 as part of the MX5000 package and it won’t work at all with my 17″ powerbook. The bluetooth pairing wizard just doesn’t recognize the device, even though I press the “connect” button at the bottom and keep it just a few feet away from the laptop. How did you set up your MX1000?

Avi Flax

I’ve got the Bluetooth version of the MX-1000 and use it with my 15″ PB at work. It’s really nice. Unfortunately it’s only available as part of the MX-5000 Bluetooth desktop, which includes a BT keyboard and dongle. Even worse, the included keyboard is the only BT keyboard I’ve ever seen that won’t work with my PB. No biggie for me, I just gave it to a co-worker, I really just wanted the mouse anyway.

Still, I’m very happy with the MX-1000, esp. my BT edition.

Mark Gilbert

Nice review, I’m using an MX1000 on my Mac mini. I tried using the Apple bluetooth mouse for a while but just wasn’t as productive as with a multi-button mouse. So I stole the Logitech off my PC which I never use since I got the Mac.
Much better now


I’m using a new Logitech G5 Laser Mouse, it is very good mouse better than MX1000 and has good features to gamers.


I never knew that laser mice had such a short battery life. I get months of service out of my wireless Microsoft optical mouse.

Andy Smith

I actually bought an MX1000 today, to replace my Mighty Mouse that was 2 weeks old. I found the Mighty Mouse a pain, because the scroll wheel kept blocking up. So I returned it.

I’ve had no problems with MX1000 so far, and none with it jolting around the screen. I’m just using it with a cheap 99p (around $2) material mouse mat, which has always proved to be the best surface for optical mice.

I love the fact it has so many buttons – I’ve set some to a volume control, two to Cmd+Left/Right (Back and Forward in a browser and most media players), and one to Cmd-Enter – which I use for opening pages in new tabs in Firefox and Safari. I think it’s going to make me very lazy though ;)

One thing I have read in a few reviews, is it works very well with the ‘IceMat’:
You can buy some ‘PadSurfers’ to the underside of the mouse to make it glide across the pad. It’s damn expensive though.

Josh Pigford

Rocco, I had a similar problem when I used a mouse pad (which you mentioned you use). It seemed the mouse pad quickly gathered all sorts of tiny little pieces of junk on it and that made the laser inaccurate…so I suggest ditching the mouse pad and seeing how that works.


What annoys me the most is that the mouse don’t charge over USB. Why did they have to include that small power adapter when Apple has shown us what can be done with a single USB cable?


Well my story isn’t so great. I bought the G5 Quad (yay for me) and a fancy new MX1000 for editing and motion graphics. The first one I bought jumped around the screen irratically, spontaniously at about one minute intervals. Useless. Obviously I returned it and got the same one again, figuring it was faulty. Not so. The new one does exactly the same. Jumps to the top, left of the screen so often it;s rendered useless.

Anyhoo, I did some research and I’ve minimized the jumping, but not completely removed it.

I bought a shiny mouse mat, ensured the dock is plugged into the Mac and not the monitor, downloaded the latest Logitech Control Center software, downloaded something else, restarted etc…

Something’s up. I’ve read a LOT of comments on other sites (Google “jumps” etc with logitech mx 1000 to find some) and apparently Logitech don’t particularly care.

I adore this mouse, I use it at work, but for what ever reason I cannot reach perfection on my new home Quad.

If anyone hears anything similar, it’s be nice to hear it…


Wireless is overated imho..
batteries.. charging… it’s just a pain!


Why is it that people hate the idea of a dock? If you didn’t have a dock, how would you recharge it? Using normal dodgy rechargeable batteries? In this case, then you’d have to still have a recharger anyway, right? Hmmm. So either way you can’t get rid of power…


Why the scraps on the Mighty Mouse. I bought one about a month ago and think it’s one of the best input devices I’ve used. Haven’t had any glitches and I love the little trackball instead of a scroll wheel. What’s the stink.

the Logitech Mice are pretty sweet. Thanks for the brief review.

Jason Terhorst

Personally, I think a laser mouse would be overkill. I can do my work in Photoshop with my cheap optical mouse from Microsoft. It was one of the first ones they made, still works great. Even though it scares me to say that about a M$ product. The lesson learned: Microsoft periphrials, but not software.

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