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Fox’s Plans On Content

A good interview/speech by Ross Levinsohn, President of Fox Interactive Media…he explains the rights issues with putting video content online. In the three types of content, news, sports, and entertainment, each has different rights management issues. “News is not an issue as far as rights,” said Levinsohn. Clearing rights for entertainment can be difficult. Sometimes — for example, with “American Idol” — the digital rights must be secured separately from TV rights. But it’s a challenge that Fox is taking on. “We’ll probably make an announcement about [entertainment] content that will start making its way onto more and more of our sites,” Levisohn said.

He said that Fox is flexible, and their homepage “will transform into a broad-based entertainment destination.” From what Levinsohn described, the new Fox may resemble other portals like MSN and AOL that have strong video components.

He also said that Fox will be dabbling in premium video content delivery online, using technology from IGN.