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Vodafone Combines MusicFinder And Music Store

Vodafone has linked two services, MusicFinder and Music Store, to “enhance the convenience and spontaneity of mobile phone music shopping”… This seems like something that is completely obvious, to the extent that you wonder why the two services weren’t launched that way. One new aspect of this service is that the text message sent to the user doesn’t just include the song title and artist’s name, but also a direct link to the Vodafone Music Store where people can see (and buy) all the products available that are connected with the identified song — the full-length song as a music download, the melody as ring-up tone, ring tone, logo and animation.
Announcements like this illustrate the fact that mobile content is still in its infancy…there are so many ways people can integrate different content — both mobile and other content — that haven’t been done yet…