The Chaos Of Swedish Mobile TV

Despite a mobile phone penetration of 110% and 3G network coverage of 98% of the country, mobile (broadcast) TV is not a clear-cut case in Sweden, according to this article. A number of reasons are given for the muddle, including a variety of technologies, government inaction and the fact that the 3G networks are so good the telcos don’t really need a broadcast system yet.

Another reason operators in Sweden aren’t moving faster on mobile TV is that they haven’t seen enough traffic for video services on their existing networks. “We don’t have such a clear plan for mobile TV, as we haven’t exhausted video-on-demand services to the level of saturating our network,” said Shlomo Liran, CEO at 3 Scandinavia.

There’s also some doubt amongst the telcos about the attractiveness of mobile TV to consumers… they seem to be worried it’s just hype from Nokia and Ericsson. Of course it is hype from Nokia and Ericsson, the question is whether it is anything beyond that.