Personalized Weather Videos, And More

Weathernews has launched a new service called Weathernews Network, billed in the press release as “the first and only cellular Java application to incorporate MPEG 4 video technology that localizes content” (I have no way of confirming that, but if you know an app that does it let us know).
Weathernews Network is initially on Sprint and “aggregates local video weathercasts and lets subscribers watch from their cell phone” for a monthly subscription of $4.99.
An interesting part of this announcement is that Weathernews appears to want other weather services to use the system: “As the service rolls out, it will offer a variety of programming content from broadcast affiliates in top US markets, streaming both traditional programming as well as weathercasts produced exclusively for mobile users…Broadcast affiliates should utilize the power of this innovative technology to bring additional revenue to their businesses and to extend their brand and personalities deeper into the daily lives of their
television audiences…broadcasters now have an easy, turnkey way to deliver their content to an entirely new demographic”.
NOTE: Apparently I was mistakenly sent an unfinished version of the press release. In the final version the paragraph below is not included — and not attributed to a random executive. Therefore the comments should not be directed to Weathernews’ PR people.
As an aside, journalists really prefer quotes to come from the people indicated rather than being written by PR people, and with press releases there is always the suspicion that the executive being quoted has just signed his name to the quote. For example, the following paragraph is a dead giveaway:

“This is a fantastic addition to the Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Services,” said XX, [title], Sprint. “Offering local and personalized weather news and forecasting from a trusted source delivers enormous value to Sprint PCS Vision customers and gives them more of the services they want out of their next-generation video-capable mobile phones.”

If you’re an executive and you want your company to do well, spend a couple of minutes to say something intelligent. It really does give a much better impression…