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Media Executive Interview Series: Gordon Crovitz, President, Electronic Publishing, Dow Jones

crovitz1.gifWe’ve recently launched a new monthly media executive interview series. This is the fourth one…the archives are here. Dow Jones might have a few less worries today, if it were an online-only company.  As President, Electronic Publishing for Dow Jones, Gordon Crovitz oversees a fast-growing $500 million revenue business.

Dow Jones took a large leap in late 2004 with its acquisition of MarketWatch from CBS for approximately $520 million.  Many believe that this acquisition completed Dow Jones’ electronic publishing portfolio by providing a large advertising-driven business to what was already a strong subscription-driven online business.

The challenge now is to get all the divisions to co-operate and launch products that cut across the company’s products and divisions. This is not an easy task, as Crovitz well knows and discusses in the following interview. Crovitz also hits on the hot topic of melding Dow Jones’ online advertising and subscription business…more here

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