Intel’s Roadmap

Tom’s hardware have a good overview of the roadmap for future Intel CPUs, which undoubtedly will have a knock on effect on the CPUs that Apple will use and the types of device we can expect to see.

You can read the full article through this link.

The key takeaways here are Yonah1 and Yonah2, the next generation mobile CPU which will probably make it into Apple’s new PowerBooks and iBooks. Yonah2 is the interesting one – dual-core means a dual processor laptop. Going beyond Yonah we Merom and its siblings, Conroe and Woodcrest the desktop and enterprise versions of the Merom design respectively. Another step ahead, this time at the end of 2007 is Kentsfield, a quad-core CPU.

Read the article – and get ready to make notes on names – for more information. the handy table on Page 5 of the article is an absolute must if you want to understand things without making notes.

One thing is for certain, processor naming for the new Intel Macs is going to be a whole lot more complex than simply G4 or G5 :)


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