Patents: UK IP Review; RIM, eBay Not Victims; Supremes Take Case


U.K. reviewing intellectual-property laws: Former FT editor Andrew Gowers has been asked to lead an independent review of UK IP rights including what it takes to navigate the current system and whether changes are needed in today’s changing digital environment.

Big Firms Caught With Their Patents Down: Steven Pearlstein traces the origins of the RIM, eBay cases from the plaintiff’s perspectives. “Despite the propaganda emanating from the high-tech lobby, which has rallied to the defense of eBay and RIM, these cases have nothing to do with “patent trolls,” those unsavory characters who buy up obscure patents to extort money from innovative and law-abiding companies. Campana and Woolston were trained engineers who came up with genuine innovations for which companies like Yahoo and AutoTrader are currently paying good money.”

RIM gets good news in patent case: While the case wends through the courts, the patent process continues.

Supreme Court Decision On eBay Could Reach Much Farther: Patent owner rights are under the legal microscope as the Supremes opt to hear eBay’s challenge to an appelate ruling that a trial judge erred by not issuing an injunction against eBay while the patent was being disputed.

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