Mobile TV Content A Must: Sony Pictures Digital VP

Bill Sanders, vice president of mobile programming at Sony Pictures Digital has said that since the deal between Apple and ABC to put shows on the iPod “every major studio in Hollywood has done some sort of reorganizing to give mobile devices greater focus”.
Which is good news since it will be compelling content that will drive mobile TV more than any other factor.
There’s still a bit of mystery as to what will work on the mobile device, but Sanders seems particularly taken with the “pause-and-resume” function which will allow people to watch films and other long-form content in bursts.

The “pause-and-resume” function, while new to mobile phone content, isn’t entirely new in the film industry, according to Sanders. When viewing films at home, Howard Hughes, the billionaire airplane builder and filmmaker, who owned his own network, “used to tell his engineers to pause when he wanted to go to bed,” he said.

I would have thought of video players as the best example of “pause-and-resume”, but I guess it isn’t as interesting as Howard Hughes…
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