Download Front Row From Apple!


Now, before you all go dancing around the room, know that this is still technically not supported. Apple has make the Front Row 1.0.1 update available from their site. Andrew Escobar, Mac hacker extraordinaire has figured out an easy way to get the new version to work on any Mac. I just installed it on my PowerBook, and it works flawlessly. Might want to get the update fast, as no one knows when Apple might find a way to restrict the download.




Hello, i’m gonna try it, but i want to know one thing.
Does it work with the apple remote?

Chris Holland

works for me on 1.25Ghz G4 powerbook (AlBook)

Performance is flawless too. holy crap those movie previews look good. i love it!

Dan Lurie

Whistleblower: If you had taken the time to examine the download link, you would have seen that the file is hosted by Apple.


This sounds like a virus, if Apple was actually releasing this product it would downloadable from the apple website.

Phil Bowell

I have it working on my iBook. My K700i also works as a remote using the standard desktop controller.

I just wish I had a MacMini in the lounge to use it on rather than on my iBook!!

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