What’s The Fuss about Corante Hub?


Tech.memeorandum is abuzz with the news of the launch of Corante Hub, where the site is going to aggregate great writing from member blogs. Hylton Jolliffe talks about it here, and well given the many changes the site has gone through, I think this just might be the best incarnation. Why? Because it takes elements of FM Pub, 9Rules (I am member of both) and other aggregation hubs like Unmediated and mashes them up. It brings to fore new voices, and well, that is always a good thing in the “long tail world.” (I wish Hylton, resplendent in his new 2.0 goatee version would talk about the business model…..) Incidentally the popularity of Tech.memeorandum, Tail Rank and growing trend makes me feel that more things change, the more they remain the same. Hubs in analog world – Newspapers. Tech.memeoranduum etc, editors of the dead media world. Hmmm! I wonder what Chris Anderson, Janus of new/old media has to say about this.



What’s new is that these hubs start to create a business model for blogging. I think it would be very difficult (although perhaps not impossible) for a blogger to have no other source of income other than their blog and simply go it alone. This provides economies of scale where bloggers could share costs, bring in diverse audiences, market themselves on each other’s blogs, and create a complete, compelling package for advertisers.

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