TV Is Dead, Long Live Video

TV is moving to an on-demand format, different media and different formats… and now even the most cautious players are finally getting on board.

“There’s no question we’re shifting,” CBS Chairman Les Moonves told Reuters in an interview last week. “The idea of video on demand three years ago was something we didn’t consider as seriously as we do today.”

CBS offers episodes of its popular crime drama franchise CSI on-demand through cable operator Comcast Corp. Moonves estimates CSI will reap over $1 billion in revenue for the network, starting with traditional television commercials and extending to DVDs, licensed games and Internet clips.

“You’ll be able to get that on your cell phones,” Moonves said, referring to tailored short clips of CSI that could be available within a year. “While you’re waiting on line at the grocery store, you’ll be able to get a ‘mobisode’ of CSI.”

The big question is how the mobisodes will be done, whether they will be an integral part of the story or an added bonus, whether there will be a lot of effort put into them or if they’ll just be a poorly-done after-thought…