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OddPost’s RSS Lives Again in Yahoo Mail

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OddPost’s RSS Lives Again in Yahoo Mail. Charlene Li has more. John podcasts the whole thing. Here is proof of OddPost heritage. Scott Gatz explains why he loves his own dog food and writes, “its cool to realize that we are the first major webmail service to offer an RSS reader integrated into the experience.” Goowy does the same thing, though in a flash interface. Paul Kedrosky is wondering why the hell there is so much hubbab around this?

And there are an awful lot of other RSS readers out there, many of which that are much more feature-rich than Yahoo’s product. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with Yahoo’s RSS reader/folder — and it’s much better than Google’s broken stab at the area. But why people are engaging in such frothy fan-boy behavior is a complete baffler.

7 Responses to “OddPost’s RSS Lives Again in Yahoo Mail”

  1. seems pretty obvious to me. people that follow the internet for a living kind of forget that most of the world hasn’t a clue what rss is or even a blog, for that matter. even half the techies i work with don’t read blogs or use rss and have no idea that such a thing as firefox even exists. having a major provider like yahoo integrate rss into a mainstream product used by millions will obviously make a lot more people aware of it. pull your head out of the blogosphere once in a while.

  2. balasundaram ramaswamy

    There are still a vast majority of people who are blissfully unaware of RSS.. This feature can help websites reach them through their mailbox itself which they would be checking everytime..

    This would help mass adaption of RSS.