Digital Music Bits: MP3 Storage; Dead Bummed; iPod Tax


MP3tunes Debuts Online Music Storage: founder Michael Robertson’s latest venture is MP3tunes and its first service is online music storage locker Oboe. For $39.95 a year, users get unlimited storage for their MP3 library, the ability to stream files at 192 kbps and the chance to sync them to PCs and mobile devices. A free version is web-stream only and at a lower stream rate.
This isn’t likely to go over too well with some in the music industry. Yes, users upload their own files and can listen only to their own songs but that doesn’t preclude password sharing.

Deadheads Bummed Over Download Ban: The Grateful Dead has angered some of its biggest fans by asking Internet Archive, a nonprofit site to halt — at least temporarily — the free downloading of concert recordings.

Japan Abandons ‘iPod Tax’ Idea Amid Divided Opinion: This is after a govt. panel failed to agree on how to police violations.

Sony BMG Fiasco Highlights Broader Industry Problem

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