Your Podcast can be hijacked

Vital Security reports that your Podcast can be hijacked by nefarious people. Okay I don’t get how this whole thing works (someone please let me know if you can figure it out) but I am already worried about Om & Niall PodSessions, my nascent attempt at tip toeing into the world of podcasting. (Please subscribe to the show if you have not done so far…. its only 20 minutes a week!)

Nasty man sets up website. Nasty man targets nice Podcaster person. Nasty man points his URL to the RSS feed of the target podcast, and builds up tons of links in search engines, meaning visitors hit the podcast from nasty man’s site, rather than nice Podcaster person’s site….Wave goodbye to your audience….except….maybe I’m missing something here. Yes, lots of links in Podcast search engines or whatever will get hosed.