Nick Denton’s Startup kit


Nick Denton’s Startup kit. Many different ways to boot-strap your business



Along with tonz of patience-n-hardwork, I will strongly suggest investing in a very good quality desk and chair (I use: Herman Miller Aeron chair)

I will also suggest Sendmail(MTA) with Squirrelmail (webmail) for free EMAIL…

I don’t think I will use Skype for my company… I’d rather use damaka ( Much better call quality and I will have the satisfaction that my data is not travelling the entire planet ;-) I am eagerly waiting for their PSTN…


The F1000 works well. It is manufactured by UT Starcom, and the qualty is pretty good.

I personally use one at my home in Office.



Denton asserts:

“F1000 with Vonage: Just ordered this handset, for truly portable phone, at VOIP prices.”

I wonder from whom he ordered it? Moments ago I spoke with Vonage and they do not sell nor officially support this phone yet but some of the tech support managers have been apparently “beta testing it at Starbucks”.

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