Newest laptop theft threat- trunk openers


The local authorities here have informed me that a nationwide problem is growing at an alarming rate and laptop (and Tablet PC) owners should be aware. It seems that roving bands of laptop thieves are going to restaurants at lunch time where lots of business people eat and opening the trunks of cars with electronic trunk openers and stealing laptops left behind by the owners. I was told the problem is getting much worse, especially now that the holidays are approaching, and authorities are advising against anyone leaving laptops behind in the cars. This is something I see people doing almost every day, and I have been guilty of doing this myself. The electronic trunk openers are generic devices that can open the trunks of many different makes and models of automobiles and they are readily available to would-be thieves. Leaving the laptop in the trunk where it is out of sight is giving owners a false sense of security.

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