Mac Mini TiVo Killer for MWSF2006?


A quick one to point out that Think Secret is scoring a juicy alleged scoop regarding the next evolution of the Mac Mini and its impact on your living room, ahead of MacWorld San Francisco 2006.

Om weighs-in.



do you think we can expect a new mac mini anytime soon… I want to purchase one and connect it to my 37″ Sharp Aquos, but I’m willing to wait a bit if there might be a new machine coming in the near future… i guesswe missed the expo.


k osborne

I think this is a great idea if Apple can pull it off. Not to mention the cost of the docking station. I was looking for one to adequately offer the high sound quality the iPod offers in headphones into a speaker set and did not find one worth my money. I have a replaytv and a cable dvr box. Both will skip commericals… w/the cable only fast forwarding and the replaytv skipping every 30 seconds. If apple can somehow mirror the replaytv options while mobile the mechanism maybe worth buying instead of a second replay which my husband and I have been contemplating.

Chris Holland

bah, as i’ve said before, i just throw all my money wherever The Steve tells me to. Hi my name is Chris Holland and i live in a cardboard box.

Chris Coleman

I fully intend to buy one if Apple does it right. My girlfriend’s been on my back to get a Tivo, but I’ve been telling her I’d much rather save up for a reasonably priced PC and run MythTV on it. If Apple can give us something good, I’ll go with them instead.

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