jkOnTheRun 2nd annual top ten gifts for geeks


It is that time of year again and I proudly present the jkOnTheRun top 10 gifts ideas for the geek in your life. You know who you are. All of the gifts are from my favorite online store- ThinkGeek and presented in reverse order. Hey, I’ve got to save the best for last so you’ll read the post, right?

10. No, I will not fix your computer T-Shirt. Might as well get what your geek is thinking right on his/her chest. $15 – $19.

9. I Heart My Geek T-Shirt– Get yourself a little sumpin-sumpin while buying for your geek. $18.

8. There’s no place like door mat– Let your geek’s neighbors try to figure this one out when they come over to get him/her to fix their wireless network problem. $40.

7. Desktop R/C Mini-Rovers– They’re back this year cause they’re just so much fun. They play lazer tag, too. $40 – $50.

6. Geek Work Shirt– Sometimes even a geek has to get dressed up. $25.

5. C.H.I.M.P. Monitor Mirror– Never startle your geek again with this rear-view mirror mounted on the monitor. No seriously, that’s all it does. $10.

4. “Ties Suck” Tie– This tie says “ties suck” when you translate the binary pattern into its ASCII equivalent, perfect for those days when everybody says your geek absolutely has to wear one. $30.

3. Pi By Numbers T-Shirt– Now your geek will always know the value of pi out to 4493 digits as the pi symbol on this shirt is constructed from them. How geeky is that? $15 – $16.

2. Evil Genius Lab Coat– Give your geek something appropriate to wear when working on your computer at home. This white lab coat has Dr. E. Genius, Ph.D. embroidered above the left chest pocket. $50.

1. And the number one gift for your geek- Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers– No, these aren’t those cheesy imitations you see in Walgreens, these are genuine authenticated replicas of three lightsabers used in the Star Wars films by Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu. Each hilt is carefully crafted to match the one used in the film and each blade has the appropriate color to match, too. Each lightsaber has a display stand but I guarantee your geek will never put it down. They feature the following sound effects activated by motion sensors (it just gets better and better):

  • Power-up
  • Idle hum
  • Swing (with pitch change)
  • Clash
  • Power-down

These are the real deals and your geek will love you when he/she opens this baby up! Be sure and pick the right lightsaber for your geek- you don’t want to send him/her over to the dark side unintentionally. $120 (hey, your geek is worth it, right?).

Note: I have no affiliation with ThinkGeek whatsoever, I just think their products are cool.


Brad Isaac

I need 7 of those No, I will not fix your computer T-Shirts.

One for every day of the week. It would sure save a lot of time


What no Penguin Mints? I like all three flavors:

Chocolate Mint

That’s my favorite source of Caffiene other then coffee, Diet Pepsi and Diet Mountain Dew.

Greg Hughes

I have #10 and #6 and I wear them to work all the time. Cool list. I have been in the process of putting together my own. :)

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