Neat conceptual mini-Tablet


The author of a Tablet PC blog, Nameless Boredom, has come up with a conceptual Tablet PC that seems quite possible given today’s technology. He/she has a sketch of the mini-Tablet that is quite cool and demonstrates how this Tablet might function. Take a look at the sketch and these features that are being suggested:

  • Hand-holdable (about like LS800)
  • Detachable adjustable reading stand
  • Touch and EM digitizers
  • Detachable tablet buttons/scroller (BT), can go on any side of the tablet (possibly also be smart with configurations in regards to its physical placement and the screen’s orientation)
  • 3 mics
  • Finger print reader (whole finger, not just a scanning slit)
  • USB port on the front surface so you can hook something up to it while it’s standing on a desk… this is a difficult maneuver if your tablet’s ports are on the bottom for the orientation you’re most commonly in
  • All the standard stuff you expect on the sides

Great stuff!

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