Comptroller Says BBC2 Will Be Broadcast Via Broadband; Trial Slated For 2006


Maybe we should build a spreadsheet to track all of the BBC’s new media plans. The latest batch includes a claim from BBC Two comptroller Roly Keating that his channel will be the first mainstream net to broadcast on air and broadband concurrently. “”Whatever the broadband revolution means for audiences and channels in the future, we intend to be there, in the front line,” Keating told broadcasting execs. The BBC Two broadband-cast could be a mix of simultaneous streaming and VOD or a full simulcast with VOD options. The 2006 test would run with the MyBBCPLayer VOD trials. Of course, it has to be approved by the Beeb governors so could wind up as vaporware.
In another trial, BBC Radio 1 offered Bluetooth media downloads during a live concert over the weekend.

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