Gray Saturday At The Apple Store

Saturday was one of those mellow days when all you want to do is walk around and just soak in the sun, and do some people watching. It started off with a quick brunch and then a visit down to the Union Square Shopping District, where of course paying homage the Apple store is a given. Not sure how crowded it was going to be, I had some feelings of trepidation about waiting in lines for hours. Fortunately, the Black Friday rush of iPod shoppers was over. Still, the Apple store was packed to the gills. It was more like gray saturday.

Most of the shoppers, while gravitating towards the iPod section, were actually snapping up the iPod accessories. Apple iPod Earbud Headphones,Incase covers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Which made me wonder, if any of the analysts have taken into account the “iPod accessories” in their financial forecasts.

While there, I picked up iClean Screen Cleaner, an amazingly effective way to keep your PowerBook screens smudge free and bright. I highly recommend that everyone should buy this one. Having given my “bakshish” to Steve Jobs, the next stop, just for comparison sake, was an old school record store, Virgin.

Much to my delight, while the sales might not have been as brisk, the sales staff was courteous and smiling – so competition has made them better. I ended up picking a few CDs because I had tough time finding them on the iTunes store. I highly recommend Putumayo Presents: Asian Lounge and Ultimate Samba Collection. But the most amazing purchase of the weekend, this wonderful book Tokyo Cancelled by Rana Dasgupta, a writer who is as much a man without a home as me. This is a brilliant book, especially if you love books by Pico Iyer. (Check out Rana’s Website… lots of goodies!)

The trip to the Virgin MegaStore, might have cost me more, but I was reintroduced to the joys of “CD packaging” and “liner notes.” I wonder when the record industry will realize that to bring back the buyers, they need to start selling DVDs with music, videos and documentaries. If they don’t well, Video iPod and the iTunes store are already here, and could be enhancing their offerings soon.

I am amazed that how broadband has jostled the incumbents out of their slumber. Gary Price writes on this new service from AOL , that allows (for now) Windows users to download High-Quality videos direct to their hard drives in the background when the system is idle. For now you can get “movie previews, celebrity interviews, music videos …. but I would be willing to bet will see much more content delivered using this approach in the future.” Akimbo goes to Main Street?

Well, this is it for the second edition of my daily journal, but keep those comments coming, and give me your thoughts on if you want me to continue with this new format.