This Week In GigaOM


In case you missed some of the major posts this past week, I have a quick recap.

* EasyReach, desktop access for Blackberry
* Dark Clouds over Skype?
* Palo Alto, where broadband is cheaper than coffee
* The Torrent Dilemma
* Google Dials-In The Adwords
* Tracking SF Techconnect
* Brightcove and AOLSchizophrenia
* Glophone losing its glow
* Force 10(G) Infinera
* Waiting for XBox 360
* Playing Football with AT&T Name
* D’Amp’D & The Troubles Awaiting the MVNOs
* Cingular to change name to AT&T
* Can Sex Save Napster?
* Skype’s Risky Retail Strategy

Plus this week’s OM & Niall PodSessions where we talk about the latest in cellphones, mobile industry and the MVNO madness. You can subscribe to the PodCast feed by clicking here.

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