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  1. My wireless mighty mouse’s red light is flickering only very slowly not as fast as it did before. This way no signal is detected and it can’t be used. The wireless keyboard on the other hand works fine. What is the reason for this slow flickering and how can I repair it?

  2. Help! I have a wireless mighty mouse. Ironically, the scroll wheel works fine. I’ve had trouble with it, rubbed it around a little, its fine. So its scrolling fine, but the arrow doesnt move!. Sort of like in the old mac days when the system used to ‘freeze’ and you knew right away because you would move the mouse around, but the arrow wouldn’t more? only the system is working fine, I’m currently running it off my wacom tablet and keyboard. So, the mouse scrolls fine, i get all the expose functions, it clicks, and right clicks. Everything works, except I can’t move the F-ing pointer!

    Any ideas before I go out and buy a new mouse?

    • Graham Southern

      First check the batteries are good and installed the right way round. If you have a wireless mouse, it works via bluetooth. Switch bluetooth off on your Mac. you do this by going into “System Preferences” then “Bluetooth”. Switch the mouse off by sliding the cover over the “magic eye”. Switch the Mac bluetooth back on then switch the mouse back on by sliding the “magic eye” cover open. Allow about a minute for it to connect then it should work.

      Incidentally you can check if the mouse is connected by looking in system preferences – bluetooth.

  3. Hi

    My mouse dropped dead when dropped – The little white switch above the batteries seemed to be loose and when wedged, the mouse would work. I opened up the mouse as directed on various sites and found the main circuit board (retained by screws and two black clips) had dislodged which is why the switch needed wedging down. On pushing the circuit board down, it clicked into place and the mouse was 100% – no need to wedge anything.

    Hope this helps


  4. I used the hold upside down for about 10-20 sec method and pressed down on the mouse and move it in all different directions and it worked! Just in case I tried the lick the mouse ball (lol) but I instead put a little spit on the finger and pushed the ball around. didnt feel like licking mouse balls today.. haha… But now it works and I didnt have to take it apart! Thanks everyone!

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