39 Responses to “Mighty Mouse Repair”

  1. I was wowed by David Ditzler’s movie. I thought i would make a movie showing my enraged destruction of my mouse, but read on. The turning-the-mouse-upside-down method worked!

  2. Upside down, with pressure on the trackball, while running it around in a 5″ circle in ALL directions for 30 seconds or so….DID THE TRICK!!!..I’m scrolling like a mad man again!!!
    Thanks fort he advice!!!

  3. Ken Van Kouwenberg

    I cleaned the mouse by saturating a paper towel with 91% rubbing alcohol and rolling the mouse upside down on it for a few minutes then drying it off with canned air. After using it a while is works like new. It actually got better the more I used it. I’ll have to see how long it last.

  4. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the advice about the guitar pick! One of my students knocked my mouse onto the tile floor and it wasn’t doing anything, until I read this and tried it (luckily another one of my students plays the guitar and had one handy so we could continue through the Powerpoint). Thank you for saving my day’s lesson AND saving me 70 dollars!

  5. Michelle

    My track ball doesn’t have any problem, its that if I’m looking at one page and I have anything else open, the mouse will bounce from one page to another when I’m trying to scroll. It is extremely frustrating and I can’t find help anywhere…including the extended warranty guys. Help!

  6. 1. Pour some 70% isopropyl alcohol onto a paper towel – make it really damp but not dripping. (Do this AWAY from you precious Mac)
    2. Disconnect mouse from computer
    3. Turn mouse upside down and rub quickly back and forth with reasonable pressure on the damp alcoholic for at least 20 seconds.
    4. Keeping the mouse upside down carefully dry of the ball with a cloth towel, not paper towel, until the ball appears not to glisten.
    5. Reattach mouse to Mac and enjoy Might Mouse until the next cleaning!!!!!! ;)

  7. a bit gross, but if you lick the ball (I know) and then press reasonably hard whist scrolling in all directions, that should clean it sufficiently to get it moving again. Generally solves the problem in 1-2 goes, without needing to take it apart.

  8. Jonathan

    I followed David Ditzler’s video and it was very helpful when nothing else helped. My scroll ball stopped scrolling up. I used a guitar pick to pry off the ring and it really worked well. I started at the buttons on the side and slid it around the seam to pop the glued points. I used plain old white glue to put the ring back on.

  9. Hello,

    I own an Apple wireless mouse model A 1015 N° 1938.

    This mouse does not work, it only misses a plastic stationary door.
    Movable door is intact and moves correctly.

    Could you please let me know where I can find it.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best regards.

  10. Looked around the net and found varied solutions, but the best solution was the upside down method. Add Chemtronics Pow-R-Wash contact cleaner spray made specifically for circuit boards (evaporates). Spray onto white paper towel folded several layers thick in about 5″ circle. Roll MM around upside down while pressing down. Dirt will appear on towel. MM is good to go. http://www.chemtronics.com

  11. I was having scrolling problems and I tried Jamie_P’s solution of turning it upside down on a piece of white paper and then rolling it around (rather forcefully) and its about like new again. Mine gets all gunked up when my daughter’s grubby hands are on it while she feeds her webkinz!

  12. Another method that appears to also work well when the scroll ball stops working is the following: Try pressing relatively hard on the scroll ball (with your nail), as if you wanted to firmly push the scroll ball into the mouse. While the ball is compressed, try to scroll the ball in the direction that does not work well. Try to do it a couple of times. Usually, the scroll will start working properly.
    Hope this helps!

  13. Jamie_P

    I phoned up apple, and the guy told me, to turn the mouse upside down onto a piece of paper, and roll it around, as i was doing it i could see the dirt getting rubbed off from the ball and after that it worked fine!! :0D

  14. Bob Rubin

    The insulation on the USB wire is nearly all worn off where it makes contact with the mighty mouse.
    The wire looks like it will eventually break from use.
    This seems to be poorengineering to have such a thin wire.
    Is anyone else having such problems? It is less than 2 years old, not used a lot, and taken good care of.

  15. Gil Heroux

    I just watched Brendan McKenna’s video on how to fix the Mighty White Mouse. It was neat. I followed the instructions and my mouse is know working again. Thanks Brendan.

  16. John Bushey

    Mads ….

    I dropped my wireless MM and the switch stopped working too. I opened it up and the main circuit board had popped up enough so the switch wasn’t being actuated by the button you refer to. I snapped it back down and all is good.

  17. I just disassembled the MM to clean it. I used a utility knife blade to gently pry the ring off. Once the ring is off, you need a very small phillips head screw driver to unscrew the mouse housing. Once this is off you can gently pry the ball housing apart. CAUTION- the rollers are very small-tweezers required. Once the case was apart, I cleaned the ball and four rollers. There was an incredible amount of stuff on them. Be careful when reassembling the rollers into the housing. They all have to be pointing in the same direction around the ball as you replaced them (four). Place the ball in the middle. Snap the white housing back on-the long tab points to the cable. Screw the assembly back in place and slip the guts back under the top. I used an all purpose glue, not Super Glue, to secure the ring back on. That way I can disassemble the mouse for its next cleaning. I now have a fully function mouse wheel again.

  18. Mads Andreasen

    This hint doesn’t concern the scroll ball – though to those of you that have trouble scrolling it’s probably because dirt have gathered inside your mouse – happens to most users at some point – the trick is to hold your mouse upside down and press the scroll ball while you scroll it in every direction – give it a good scroll around for about 10 seconds and you should be able to scroll afterwards – it’s the only easy way to clean it..

    Now to those of you that accidently dropped your wireless mighty mouse on the floor and ended up with a non working mouse like i did – if you don’t have the money to go out and buy a new one since they’re quite expensive like every apple product, here’s what to do in most cases – remove the cover – you’ll notice that there’s a little “button” right above the batteries which has been knocked loose – that is why you lose signal all the time – get a soft/bendable guitar pick and jam it in there making sure the “button” is pressed down and put the cover back on – the cover should make sure the pick stays in there and now you’ll have your bluetooth signal back and your mouse should be as good as new – worked for me anyways – hope it’ll be of help to others in the same situation!

    • Cheryl

      You are a genius! This worked perfectly! My only comment would be that the “button” doesn’t look like a button…it is more of a square latch thing. I used an old exacto blade, not having a guitar pick around. Same effect! I can turn the darn thing on and off like the original. Wish I had drilled down to this post before I gave up and bought a wired mouse out of irritation with the whole issue.