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The Ringtone Riddle

WSJ has an article on ringtones and mobile music, and the danger music providers face if they make the mistake of thinking they can charge the same amount for a song as for a ringtone. It’s all been said before, but this article argues its point very well.
A couple of points that were raised… “most people would quail at the idea of snipping their own ringtone out of a song, let alone figuring out how to deliver it to their phone. As the Yankee Group’s Linda Barrabee puts it, the “path of least resistance” for ringtones is to download them over a cellphone”. This is certainly true — it’s becoming easier to create your own ringtones, but it’s still a hassle. After all, anybody could create a unique ringtone using the handset music editor, but almost no-one does…
Also… “consumers are fairly good at on-the-fly math: For a full album of 10 to 12 songs, 99 cents per song works out to about $10 to $12, in line with what we’re used to paying for an album. At $2.50 per song, an album would cost a whopping $25 to $30”. (via Ringtonia)
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