How to ruin a portable device


Satellite radio enthusiasts are up in arms over previously undisclosed limitations in the otherwise nifty Sirius S50 portable satellite radio player. It seems the RIAA got all over Sirius and early buyers of the S50 are reporting the following limitations, which have only recently been added to the S50 manual:

  • Recordings are limited to a maximum of 1 hour each.
  • Only shows (yes, that’s right only shows – not music) can be saved with a scheduled recording.
  • You can record individual songs – not schedule a recording – after the song ends, the recording stops.
  • Scheduled shows are limited to a maximum of 20 with a maximum of 2 hours per each recorded session.
  • If you attempt to schedule more than 20 recordings, you will be prompted to delete an existing scheduled recording or to discard the new recording schedule.

Bad, bad, bad and a sure way to kill off your loyal market. When will this crap end?

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I dont get all the whine about the 2 hour limit, If you hear a song you like press love and its yours, How easy is that? Saves some serious cash. I have no problem recording the Bob Dylan Theam time radio hour every sunday, It does that by itself as long as its on. The problem I have is with the lame software “My Sirius studio”. Ive seen some bad programs in my day but this takes the cake. Forever to download anything, and even longer to remove it.User interface is horrid to say the least. The longer I seem to own this device, the less it seems to allow to be stored, And YES ive removed the recorded stuff.Besides the software, the thing is great, I use it out of the vehicle and in a Industrial enviroment and it holds up just fine.As long as you dont run the att. wire through the door (as closing the door on the wire WILL ruin it) the car kit is awsome. Combine that with a lifetime membership for 400 bucks and this thing is a winner. Just wish the PC software was up to par.


I’ve had the Sirius s50 for about a year and trust me, it is good! Even though their customer service is horrible, i have the latest songs and i can listen to the anytime i want! You have to think that it is the only option to save your fav songs. I plan to buy an i-pod and store all the music i have in my s50 to leave space for nedw releases!!
C’mon, last time i check s50 is the best out there for now
And to the guy that said that the s50 couldn’t record a song…..i have about 500 songs store in that “thing”, so eat your words!!

Aaron Shover

I’m not sure who wrote this review but it is incorrect. To begin with, the first point made is that the recordings are limited to 1 hour each. However, on a later point it is stated that the recordings can be up to 2 hours.


Here is a better description of why I love it.

1. I am listening to 80s music channel and a song I like comes on. At any time while the song is playing if I hit the love button, the song will be saved to my music from beginning until the end.

2. The system automaticaly saves 2 hours of your favorite channels. The advantage of this is that you can play and fast forward one song at a time and again save your favorite songs quickly.

3. Sure you can pay $1.00 per song but in my prior post the 200 songs would cost me $200.00 dollars.

4. I don’t know the name or artist of all the songs I like to be able to buy them, with this system at anytime I listen to a song I like I hit the love button and its saved, titled by artist,song title and genre.

5. Sometimes I don’t remember songs I like until I hear them again, all I do is press the love button at anytime the song is playing and the song is mine.

6. I dont need an IPOD and a SAT RADIO.

7. And by having it always available I am able to take it out of my car and listen to music when I want to, outside of my car.

8. I can listen to download mp3s, books on tape, etc. from my computer and listen to it in my car or out.

9. I can record shows like Howard Stern.

10.I can pause talk radio shows while getting gas and resume when done.

11.I have 223 songs and it is only 40 percent full.

These are just a few reasons why I love this unit.

The only drawback is that you can’t save the songs to your computer, but what do you expect.

P.S. if for whatever reason you still want an IPOD you can still use this unit as a song saver. you can then purchase the songs you listen to most for your IPOD.

IPODs devices are only as good as their content and this device makes it easy to get content.


This unit is great, I love it.
It is better than an IPOD, because I can save music on the fly, I have stored over 200 songs on my motorhome trip. Try doing that with an IPOD.
I love it, love it, love it. Just try it before you judge it. Paul


Wow, where to start.

First, a lot of people don’t understand the technology. The storage is Flash ram, 30gb is a hard disk size, but this device does NOT have a hard disk. If 30GB flash existed, it would be around $1800(at $60/gb).

Second, even with the music recording unlucked, it’s no more than an XM2GO… you can only save the entire recording, not individual songs. If you delete the recording, all music goes with it.

Third, the My Channels option is nice, but it just records the songs that you listen to on your three favorite channels… so it usually records the songs you DON’T click “love” for. If you’re lucky enough to have a home dock, you COULD leave the device on all nice and see what songs you have available for your “My Sirius Songs”. Still, these songs are often talked over with DJ’s or channel ID’s.. it IS recording from radio.

Fourth, there are NO PRESETS.. what they call PRESETS is really a Favorite Channel list.. and everytime you restart the system, you have to hit the browse button 3 times to get back to browse your favorites. This is terrible, I’m used to having buttons, AND the option of seeing 6 channels by preset or channel to get a good idea of what’s playing. With the S50, it’s one channel at a time.

I’ll drop the numbers here…

I love the IPOD functionality, but for the price, i can get a nice IPOD. I’d rather pay .99 cents for a song than have it premted by station ID or a DJ.

For the price, I’m buying an IPOD with cripped Sirius Radio functionality(just in simple usability). I could get a MUCH better IPOD for this price. And use a BETTER receiver(Sportster?) to find my new music.

Maybe they’ll get it right next time, but they went for style and glitz over functionality. I hate the this device.


Anyone find a .pac file decoder. I want to try and convert howards shows to cd format for archiving. I think a tag file is used at the same time… All help is appreciated


I have just looked at the S50 through windows disk management and found 30 GB of unformatted space!!! Why would you limit a 30 GB device to only see 1 GB? Someone needs to find a way to unlock the full capacity of this device. Shame on Sirius for doing this.


Couple of questions on the s50 (the Sirius helpline is almost useless) before I buy it. I’m a Howard Stern fan and was planning on recording the show every day in order to listen at my leisure. If the show is 4-5 hours long, is there a way to record it if there is a 1-2 hour RIAA limit?


Is anyone working on a way to decode the files so they can be played with WINAMP on your PC?
I would like to archive my shows, pulled off the S50 and stored on CD.
So far the files are small, and unreadable
by anything I have tried.

Mike G

Hey – you might want to rewrite your review -Sirius just put out a Firmware update that you download to the S50 through your My Sirius Studio software that now allows both recording on-the-fly and scheduled recording on ALL CHANNELS INCLUDING MUSIC!!!!

Brad Isaac

You know, the only thing this is missing is a rootkit similar to Sony’s so that if the S50 accidentally records an actual song (gasp!), it wipes the hard drive on your desktop computer.

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