How to ruin a portable device

Satellite radio enthusiasts are up in arms over previously undisclosed limitations in the otherwise nifty Sirius S50 portable satellite radio player. It seems the RIAA got all over Sirius and early buyers of the S50 are reporting the following limitations, which have only recently been added to the S50 manual:

  • Recordings are limited to a maximum of 1 hour each.
  • Only shows (yes, that’s right only shows – not music) can be saved with a scheduled recording.
  • You can record individual songs – not schedule a recording – after the song ends, the recording stops.
  • Scheduled shows are limited to a maximum of 20 with a maximum of 2 hours per each recorded session.
  • If you attempt to schedule more than 20 recordings, you will be prompted to delete an existing scheduled recording or to discard the new recording schedule.

Bad, bad, bad and a sure way to kill off your loyal market. When will this crap end?

(via Orbitcast)


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