Happy Birthday to Us


I don’t know who the heck Anthony is…but what better way to celebrate TAB’s birthday than with a poo cake? Seriously.

Anywho, today really is TAB’s birthday. We launched this sucka 1 year ago today. 38 contributors, 3 slashdottings, and 87 boxes of oreo’s later we’re still kicking and getting stronger every day.

Due to a lack of any other fun facts, here are the past year’s most popular articles:
Did Apple Sabotage the ROKR?
iNote: The Apple PDA
Apple To Release Home Media Center: iHome

Other random stats (as of 11/21/2005): We posted 584 posts. You (real humans) left 2,734 comments. Spam bots left over 16,000 comments…15,834 of which were caught by our comment spam blocker…jerks.

Big thanks to Nick, Chris, and Dan for helping get this off the ground…I owe guys lots of money.


Nick Santilli

As a little surprise – we hired Helga to give you your birthday spankin this year…

I notice you’re ambiguous about that last line, “I owe guys lots of money.” Not YOU guys, just guys – in general. Tricky. Guess we’ll catch ya next year Josh.

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