WiFi mosquito net- how to listen to your customers

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American Biophysics is a company in Rhode Island that sells the “Mosquito Magnet”, a system that fools mosquitoes into thinking there are humans nearby and then vacuums them into oblivion. Living in Houston I can appreciate the usefulness of such a device. The magnets are so successful that “AmBio” is now offering a smart mosquito net to meet the needs of corporate and public health sectors. The net connects individual magnets via WiFi (802.11b) so each node communcates back to a central server thus forming a wide-scale fence of mosquito defense. This could play a huge part in controlling Malaria in third world countries. The coolest part is how the net product was envisualized by the company:

We got the idea from institutions that were jury-rigging our technology to computer networks and mesh networks, with PC panels, to see how many mosquitoes they’d caught or how much propane they had left…It’s unbelievable the lengths people will go to, to get rid of mosquitoes,” said Hosea, a former National Science Foundation Fellow in artificial intelligence.

(CNET via TechBlog)

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