Tablet 2 Midi- turn your Tablet PC into MIDI controllers


Using the Tablet PC with its digitizer seems like the perfect interface for controlling your MIDI devices and Tablet 2 Midi does just that. From the developer’s web site:

Tablet 2 Midi is a standalone windows application that allow you to use your graphics tablet / tablet PC / digitizer as a set of MIDI controllers. You can add an unlimited number of controllers, by defining an area of the tablet surface as a button, a slider or an XY-pad.

The idea is that you print out the controller layout and put it directly on the tablet surface. This way you can set controller values simply by pointing on the tablet and moving the pen – this means you can avoid

  • looking at the screen – look at the audience instead
  • locating the mouse cursor

plus you get pressure / tilt / rotation that can be mapped to any MIDI Continous Controller – no mouse offers this.

(via Gandalf)

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