Introducing OneNote Mobile


On a recent MobileTechRoundup podcast Dave, Kevin and I were discussing the OneNote Mobile rumors coming with the next version of OneNote and it looks like the existence is confirmed. Chris Pratley blogs today about the upcoming OneNote Mobile which provides complete synchronization between OneNote and Windows Mobile devices at last. The program is installed on the Windows Mobile smartphone and is a complete OneNote compatible notetaking program complete with note flags and everything. Chris points out that if you are on the Office 12 beta program the OneNote Mobile program is included for installation, it just doesn’t sync with desktop OneNote as the release version will. I have to say it, the OneNote team is absolutely blowing me away with all the new features and next year cannot roll around fast enough for me. Take a look at the image on Chris’ blog and see firsthand how the new OneNote searches text within photos. Incredible.



Oh well, probably worth the cost of an upgrade (if they’ll actually do PPC support as well as SmartPhones).


Happy Thanksgiving Bruce. OneNote Mobile will be part of Office / OneNote 12 so, yes, you will need to upgrade.


James, this sounds fantastic! Do you know whether OneNote Mobile will be compatible with OneNote 2003, or will I need to do an upgrade?

This could be the best thing to ever happen for pocket PC users.

BTW, I’m posting from my x51v. I have a love-hate relationship with it, but it’s mostly love. WM5 just takes some getting used to.

Happy thanksgiving!



With the Treo 700 you should be good to go, but it won’t work with the Palm OS.

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