Case-Backed Lime Network Launches Converged Effort

As the article says, these days convergence means more than the Web and TV…
C. J. Kettler — the ex-president for sales and marketing at Oxygen Media — and AOL co-founder Stephen M. Case have teamed up to create “a media company devoted to new-age lifestyle programs on subjects like organic food, hybrid cars and alternative medicine” called Lime. Lime will produce content in 26 11- minute segments or 50 5-minute segments in order to make them more accessable by mobile phones or the web, and does a lot of its reporting by blogs. The fact that its on “new media” is important according to Oxygen founder Geraldine Laybourne.
“The cable operators have said loud and clear, they don’t want new channels,” Ms. Laybourne said. “Anyone who wants to start a new property has to figure how to expand to other platforms.”
Crisp Wireless’s mLogic Media platform is providing the content management and delivery for Lime’s WAP page, which is available on the Verizon Mobile Web 2.0.