Bluetooth hearing aid for use with cell phones and other devices


I have been very free with dispensing my mantra about mobile technology that says simply a mobile device must enable you to do the task at hand and do it well to be truly useful. It is great when I run across mobile devices that fit this description and enable the user to do something they ordinarily can’t do. The ELI Ear-Level Instrument is a Bluetooth hearing aid that enables users who depend on hearing aids to interact with cell phones and PDAs.

The ELI user can answer cell phone calls hands-free and hear the call clearly using the Bluetooth hearing aid. From the ELI web site:

ELI provides bidirectional digital communication between a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and a hearing aid. Since the signal being transmitted between these devices is digital, it is not subject to the same sources of interference as other types of wireless transmission, such as analog FM or analog inductive transmission.

Great stuff.

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Judy Eberwein

Is there an audiologist near White Marsh Maryland that I could contact to discuss the Blue Tooth hearing aid?

Artemis Cosentino

where does one get the technical info on this device? and where can it be purchased from?

Hannah Linde

Just a quick note – I’m an audiologist. This is a bluetooth device from the hearing aid manufacturer Starkey – which is an international company. It can be attached to most behind the ear hearing aids using a boot that can be supplied by your hearing aid manufacturer through your dispenser (avg cost $30). They have had some problems with the mic picking up your voice to send to person on the other line but I think they are in the process of fixing that. It is rechargable but will only recharge for about 2 years (depends on how much you use it). The cost in Canada is about $300.

Bernie Silberman

I wear Phonak digital hearing aids and use a Nokia Model 6102 cell phone. Is your device adaptable to my hearing aids or do I need a neck loop. What do you suggest?



Martha Chandler

Is the plug on the device compatible with Phonak’s Savia?

Pratik Patel

So how much is this device and can it be tuned by the hospital for my hearing level?

Also, i have a hearing problem in both ears, so would two of these give me stero sound?




Hi, is there anyone in Australia able to supply one of these to me? If not, how can I go about getting one? Many thanks

Jan R Loomis

Please send me information about how I may adapt my Sonovation behind the ear hearing aid to use with bluetooth and a cell phone.

I’m in US, Alabama


I just purchased one through Steven Weitz in Queens NY. It works GREAT!!! You can contact him at: AIM -fhhearing or at(718) 793 – 9629.



How much is this bluetooth hearing aid? I couldn’t find the price was cost is this.

Thank you!

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