India: $1.5 A Month — $466.5 Million A Year


According to Pyramid Research‘s BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) Mobile Data Adoption Study , Indians don’t want to pay more than $1.50 a month for mobile data services. That’s much less than what Chinese and Brazilians ($4) want to pay and Russians’ ($4.23). However, India has potential to generate $466.5 million a year in revenues from mobile content.
In India, 20% of respondents expressed an interest for mobile data applications. While the lowest proportion of all the markets surveyed, this would still represent an opportunity of about 27 million users. If these subscribers opt to spend the $1.44/month mentioned as the preferred spending level, mobile data has the potential of generating annual revenues of $466.5 Million. Given that BRIC countries are forecasted to add an estimated 645 million new subscribers over the next five years, the mobile data opportunity is substantial. (via our sistersite, ContentSutra)

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