SNL skit: Steve Jobs and the “iPod invisa”

Just a few moments ago, there was a sketch on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where the anchors on Weekend Update invited Steve Jobs (played by Fred Armisen) to show the newest stuff for the Christmas shopping season.

He talked about the new iPod…. and Tina and Amy asked him about the nano and video iPod. “No”, he said, “those are now obsolete!”

“What?! But they just came out!”

“Old! Ancient technology!”

He proceeded to announce, every 30 seconds, another iPod that would get progressively smaller… until he revealed the iPod invisa…. basically two fingers pinched together…

Do you think they’re right? Apple is retiring the iPods too quickly, and getting overzealous with the releases?

If anyone can find a link to this video online when it’s posted, post a link. It’s definitely something funny related to Apple.


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