SNL skit: Steve Jobs and the “iPod invisa”


Just a few moments ago, there was a sketch on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where the anchors on Weekend Update invited Steve Jobs (played by Fred Armisen) to show the newest stuff for the Christmas shopping season.

He talked about the new iPod…. and Tina and Amy asked him about the nano and video iPod. “No”, he said, “those are now obsolete!”

“What?! But they just came out!”

“Old! Ancient technology!”

He proceeded to announce, every 30 seconds, another iPod that would get progressively smaller… until he revealed the iPod invisa…. basically two fingers pinched together…

Do you think they’re right? Apple is retiring the iPods too quickly, and getting overzealous with the releases?

If anyone can find a link to this video online when it’s posted, post a link. It’s definitely something funny related to Apple.



Man, my girlfriend and I about died laughing at that sketch when we saw it on SNL. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on there since Will Ferrell left.


Fred Armisen is one of the few actors/actresses that is keeping SNL afloat these days – he can do all kinds of impressions and they’re quite believable and funny…anyway, I saw the clip and thought it was pretty good.

Jason Terhorst

After watching it again, I noticed how self-absorbed they’re protraying him (although that may not be incorrect). For instance… “a MILLION songs…….. a MILLION… songs!”. Oh, and the fact that a spotlight follows him across the stage, and focuses on him.
If you watch it, it’s funny because the actor gets a similar swagger. He’s able to capture some of that character that Jobs has.


Well, if they have the technology to share, and they want to, then why not??? It makes no sense to stop the process of inovation and creativity just so our products are “current” longer. Just cause there is something out there that is better doesn’t mean our once current product is any less useful.

(yes, I purchased a 20″ iMac only a month before the new ones were introduced. Am I bitter? Only a little, but mostly cause they dropped the price…not the fact that they upped everything else about them :D)

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