Skype comes to Radio Shack in the US


Skype is one of those companies that has done things right (except for the non-SIP compliant audio) and the people that run it are always thinking what they can do next. CNET is reporting today that Skype has inked a deal with Radio Shack to put “Skype starter kits” in the electronics retail stores. This is such a good move on both company’s part. I talk to a lot of people I know who would really benefit from using Skype routinely but they don’t because they are not techies. Even though Skype is pretty easy to install and use they don’t try it because they are convinced it will be beyond them. From CNET:

More than 3,000 RadioShack locations nationwide on Monday will begin offering the Skype Starter Kit, which includes the software that enables a customer to use Skype’s free computer-to-computer telephone service, a headset and 30 minutes of Skype’s premium service, with which a user can call a landline or cell phone, company executives said.

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