Return of Sprint Fixed Wireless Broadband

San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont and a whole slew of other cities can now get Sprint Fixed Wireless Broadband. They used to sell this, then changed their mind, and now have changed their mind again. Other cities include Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Denver and Detroit. I am surprised they re-introduced this service, given the problems many of their users had back in the day. I hope it is an easier install process.

They say, you need to have access to roof in order to install the gear. I wonder if the balcony is good enough? Get 512-to-1.5 mbps for $49.95 a month. Too expensive, ain’t it? I am not sure if it is worth the price to switch from cable broadband which is now hitting the 6 megabits per second consistently. The business service is $199 a month. Still how can you resist a sales pitch that says: “Dedicated USA Based Customer Service & Technical Support.” I wonder when the good folks at TowerStream will unwire me with their fixed wireless….