Mobile video of TV chef Jamie Oliver

Picturephoning has a piece up on a mobile cooking show of Jamie Oliver — The Naked Chef. “Vodafone customers can sign up for three-minute clips of him in action in the kitchen from his US show, Oliver’s Twist. Picture messages with a list of the ingredients can also be downloaded to mobile phones in place of shopping lists.”
This is one of the most obvious mobile applications that can possibly exist — there have been mobile recipe applications before, but one that has the details of how to cook in handy video format is indispensable. After all, people don’t normally have their TV or computer in the kitchen…
MobHappy also have a write-up where they bemoan the lack of sponsorship for the service — and I have to agree. A large supermarket chain could easily sponsor it. They also point out it’s 75p for the video and a further 75p for the recipe, which seems a bit steep.