Om and Niall PodSessions Vol 3

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Niall and I have recorded our third podcast, and have finally decided on the name for our weekly podcast: Om and Niall PodSessions. Simple and straight forward. We are also planning to set-up a special podcast only website. Last time around, many folks complained about the quality of audio, so this time around we recorded it in person, and hopefully the quality is much improved. We will be getting special audio gear to make the quality even better.

In the Vol 3 of our PodSessions we talk about why I went on a GYM diet, and why the built of flip model, something I wrote about in November 2003 is getting out of whack, thanks largely to venture capital community’s desire to invest… invest… invest. They have a job to do. We talk about how TailRank is doing it on the cheap. There is of course Niall asking me about the Riya story, and I am talking to him about his version of the events. Lots of back-and-forth over Nokia 8801 and how the ladies seem to love it. Tune in folks.

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Om, can you please, please change that to something shorter … just pains me to see good things with long names (M$, looking here?)

How about something, shorter, like ON-PodSessions?
(OmNiall = ON)

;-) ?

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