Get a free ebook from Scott Adams


Scott Adams is one of my favorite funny men, between the Dilbert comic strip and books and the other funny stuff he has published. I am such a fan of his humorous writings that my kids have always known that they don’t have to do a lot of shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts for me. They just pick up the latest Dilbert paraphernalia that is in the stores and I will be happy, a fact made plain by a tour around my study. From the Dilbert M&M dispenser to the row of Scott Adams books on my shelf you can guess how big a fan I am.

Scott is now blogging and has quickly become one of my very favorite blogs as every day he lends his distinct style of humor to events that would otherwise be rather dull and boring. Today I see through his blog that he is giving away one of his books in ebook format, God’s Debris. Why is he doing this?

It’s free because it’s designed to be discussed with people who have also read it. I’m confident that some percentage of the free e-book readers will be inspired to buy a physical book for friends or for their own collection. And if you like it, you might want to try the sequel, The Religion War, available only in hardcover. At the end of the e-book you’ll find some links to for your impulse-buying pleasure.

I’ve got my copy, and at a price I can easily live with.

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