EMI Claims Its New Copy Protections Will Work With iPods; Apple Refutes Claims


Sounds like EMI and Apple may have a failure to communicate monolingually. EMI says its upcoming CDs copy protected with Macrovision technology will be compatible with iPods. From the statement: “Apple is nearly finished with the technical work necessary to enable consumers to transfer music from content-protected discs to their iPods. This is an important step for EMI and Apple, but even more so for music consumers who will soon be able to legitimately port music from protected discs they own to the iPod.” That would be a big switch given that Apple so far has resisted interoperability efforts.
But Apple says EMI is off base — that the information isn’t true. “We have no idea why EMI made this statement,” the company told News.com.
Wonder how that bodes for EMI’s claims earlier this week that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is giving in on variable pricing.
Speaking of copy-protected CDs, USA Today’s Jeff Graham, who has been all over the Sony BMG story, has another installment and a full list of affected titles. The problem may track back to the merger. He also picks up on the tensions between Sony hardware and content divisions.

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