Wonderphone To Experiment With Podcasted Mobile TV

French mobile content company Wonderphone has announced “that it will request authorization from the CSA (the French TV regulatory body) to experiment a new concept of mobile television called ‘Push to Store’.” I’m a little surprised at the need to get authorization…
The idea behind ‘Push to Store’ is that programs are sent to the mobile handset and stored in the memory of the phone for the user to watch whenever they want. “This type of delivery can optimize bandwidth utilization by a factor of up to 20.”
From the press release:

This generation, very familiar with new technologies such Peer to Peer, Blogging, Social Networking, Instant Messaging, podcasts and dating websites, does not see itself any longer in the non-communicative world of traditional media but instead seeks out a community on the Internet to communicate, interact, exchange ideas, and is more and more ready to create its own “playlist” of services. The user becomes the producer and director of his own programs. 3G technology, including visio services, provides the user with a camera connected to the rest of the world and lets the user share his experience with a community to say: “I was there”, “I saw it”, “I did it”, etc.
WonderPhone notes that none of the 4 mobile TV trials recently launched in France over the past few weeks has chosen to explore these types of services. To that end, WonderPhone decided to implement a 5th mobile TV experiment, using the “Push to Store” concept to match the new societal trends.

The optimization of bandwidth is pretty cool, as is the ability to have things download in the background and choose when and in what order to watch them (obviously, an all-you-can-eat data plan would be ideal).
I’m not entirely sure about the innovation though — I think the concept is sound, but a lot of people are looking at doing it this way. There are some tantalising hints in the press release about users being able to interact with the channel and communicate to each other, but there’s no details as to exactly what is meant nor how it could be achieved. Still, I’m interested…