NBC Universal Agrees To Supply P2P Service Wurld Media With On Demand TV, Movie Content


NBC Universal has struck a deal with Wurld Media’s Peer Impact P2P service for what it calls “the first ever license of major studio content to a legitimate P2P service”. Peer Impact users will be able to download on demand a mix of Universal movies; the TV package doesn’t include primetime series, focusing instead on specials and stunts along with some family programming. Unlike other P2P services, though, titles are only available for 24 hours after downloading. NBCU chairman and CEO Bob Wright: “This agreement is a significant step forward in our goal to capitalize on the myriad possibilities of new digital-media services, in a way that allows us to safeguard our content from illegal distribution.” Press release.

It’s also the first major video deal for Peer Impact, which just launched its multi-media version 2.0; until now, it’s been primarily music and video games. Peer Impact users can earn credit toward furture purchases by sharing legal content through the network.

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