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Hello, my name is Martin MC Brown, and I’m addicted to my ‘recently’ playlists in iTunes.

There – admitting you’ve got a problem is the first step to recovering from it, right?

The problem is, I’m not sure I want to.

Let me explain – I have a large music DB. I did before I had iTunes, and it covered an entire wall in my house with CD cases. Having iTunes just makes it easier to find things.

Actually, iTunes goes one better than this. iTunes makes it easy to find the things you’ve forgotten too. I’ve set up loads of playlists which I use to listen to the music (or audio book) that happen to be in the mood for. I’m sure that’s no different to anybody else. Often I’ll listen to a playlist in its entirety. Some are short – perhaps 5 or 6 songs, others are all the tracks for a given artist, genre, or period of my life. For example, I have one for They Might Be Giants. Another for Hardcore Rap and another for the artists I used to listen to as a kid (Don McClean, Gerry Rafferty, Gilbert O’Sullivan).

The playlists help me find the stuff I listen to, but I get much more use out of what I label ‘Recently’ playlists. These are the same playlists, but with the added criterion of only including songs that I’ve haven’t listened to in the last 6 months. It’s the perfect way to remind me about the songs or stars that I love to listen to but have simply forgotten because I haven’t listened to them recently. Hence the nomenclature.

As I write this I’m listening to my Pop Faves Recently list and it’s playing Madness, Queen, Pulp, Manic Street Preachers, David Bowie, amongst many others.

The question is how long it might have taken me to remember that I had this music if I didn’t have iTunes to help me? Some of these artists I have listened to, according to iTunes, since June 2003!

The system only works if you actually play what’s in your library. One day I’ll set myself the mammoth task of listening to all the stuff I’ve bought but so far not listened to. It currently runs to 42 days. If I include all my spoken word titles I add another 100.

I better start practicing ‘Hello, my name is Martin MC Brown and I’m addicted to my ‘Unplayed’ playlists’…

What aspect of iTunes are you addicted to?



I’m addicted to completely random CDs. I make a smart playlist that is less than 80 minutes long and burn it without looking at the track contents. You’d be amazed at the quality of a CD like this. Not to mention my smart playlists that sort my music by comments. I have my top rated playlist that I use as a base for other playlists. I add tags to songs depending on the kind of music it is (i.e. workout, cruising, etc.) and the smart playlists I have are automatically updated (even if the song I add a tag to isn’t in my top rated). I’d be glad to offer more details for anyone who was interested.


im addicted to the sexy factor of itunes playlists. i have 90gb of music, all –APS ripped, and itunes is godsend. without it, i would never listen to duncan sheik. or any other one hit wonder or the 90s.

Chris Cioffi

I don’t go by dates, I go by playcounts. So, I have a smart playlist called ‘Music’ (very original I know…) that has all the tracks in my library that I’ve listened to less than x times. Over time that playlist shrinks to nothing, I add 1 to X and start over.

I have other playlists for specific moods or whatever, but when I just want to sample what I’ve got this helps and it keeps the newer stuff playing for a while…

Patrick Weber

Hello, my name is Patrick Weber and I’m addicted to the Smart Playlists and the Password protected library local-network sharing feature.

There. I admitted it :P.

I love the smart playlists because it’s a quick and easy method to organize my library to find exactly what I’m looking for without searching through the tons of music I have.

I love the Password Protected local-network sharing feature because it allows me to keep my music on one system but listen to it on my laptop and such without having two collections constantly out of sync.

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