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Cingular’s Music Plans: OTA Not The Way

Also in the same BW story linked below, some good info about Cingular’s music plans, worth a separate post. On Rokr, Cingular is still plugging at it: it plans ads, to run over the next three months to six months, that are designed to educate consumers about its lineup of phones and services, including iTunes. It is also hard at work training retail sales people to present the ROKR as something other than an iPod phone.
It also plans services including music I.D. capability and a service that will zap new releases of songs and news from your favorite bands. And it plans to include a service that will let users download full tracks over the air (OTA)…
Cingular see OTA as a supplementary strategy…not the main one like Sprint’s and Verizon’s…Jim Ryan of Cingular says it is too expensive, as the $2.50 a song in Sprint’s service shows.
More details towards the end of the story….