The Buzz About Opera Platform


Opera Platform ScreenEveryone seems to be talking about Opera‘s latest release, Opera Platform. The system allows the easy creation of widgets (in the words of Carlo: “small, task focused applications”) using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, otherwise known as AJAX. Since AJAX doesn’t send as much information to and from the remote server it reduces bandwidth problems.
The upshot of all this is that “you can quickly and affordably create advanced mobile Web applications that give users instant access to online resources such as news headlines, weather forecasts, e-mails, sports results, auction bidding status, or bus schedules”. Also, you’ll be able to integrate phone functions such as calendar, contact list and so on with the application. It should see a lot more small, simple but useful applications appear for mobile devices (well, Symbian Series 60, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, Smartphone).
This is the same tool Opera released to allow operators to make unique “home screens” for their services (according to Infoweek), and Carlo expresses the hope that an operator will “dumb it down even further to the point where people could easily create their own widgets”…the idea being that you would be able to customize your mobile home screen. I talked to some operators about this concept at CTIA and the general response was that there isn’t any demand — I think there is. It’s definitely something I’d want to do.
Finally, Opera seems to be giving this away, and i-mode business strategy suggests it may be to increase penetration of the Opera Mobile browser.
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