Got an Apple I in your attic?

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Vintage computers are fetching good money on eBay and other auction sites with baby boomers willing to shell out some bucks for that special first computer they used in their teens. How much money? Well, if you have one of the original Apple I PCs you could be looking at as much as $25,000. Like all collectibles the make and model computer that you are trying to sell greatly affects the price you might be able to fetch. A couple of web sites that can help you determine the worth of your vintage computer are and According to the Timesleader:

In the past month, more than 5,300 lots of vintage computers, parts, software and manuals have sold on eBay.

Better dust off those Altairs and Apples.

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Sadly, no Apple 1 in my collection :-(

If only I had a time machie/TARDIS. I would go back in time and buy a few!

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